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Denka Lifts

Denka Lift Model 72N

Overview and Highlights

  • Platform height of 66 feet, working height 72’
  • Axles narrow to 35 inches for single door access
  • The multi-adjustable outrigger system will allow for setting on uneven surfaces, and its standard all-wheel drive (3 wheel drive) will easily get it to its work area
  • Weighs less than 5060 pounds
  • Self-propelled from the T-Bar handle
  • Quiet, battery-driven hydraulic system effectively eliminates the source of troublesome fumes common with other lifts
  • Unlike traditional boom lifts, the Denka DL72N requires no re-fueling and no permit fees to transport, and can be delivered on a 25 foot trailer
  • Moment sensors detect overload and neutralize the lift
  • Manual emergency lowering system
  • Proportional controls for exact positioning
  • Mercury switches prevent lift form being operated when lift is not leveled
  • Micro switches prevent use without outriggers
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements

Model Specification PDF

Denka 72N

Denka 72N

Denka 72N

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